Testimonials from clients of Dr Nikki

Dr. Nikki is a genius! She helped me to see through to the core of the problem and helped me to make changes that really made a difference.

In 1 hour you impacted my life beyond measurement. And for that I will be eternally grateful.”

Your spiritual guidance enabled me to move through a difficult time and to come out of it on the other side stronger, and ready for life!

You have been fantastic as my life coach! I don’t know what I would do without you…you’re fantastic, funny, and, well, you definitely don’t let me keep lying to myself. Thanks for all you do to keep me on track!

You’re the best Dr. Nikki, that’s why I keep calling you. You haven’t steered me wrong yet. It doesn’t matter if I’m calling because I am in a personal dilemma, a work issue, or something between me and my husband, you always help me see the best way to move forward in my path! You’re the BOMB!