Spirit Walk – Spirit on the outside.

Spirit walks are our way of bringing body, mind, and spirit together in a walking discussion.  We’ve selected a variety of topics to discuss during the walks.  These walks are not intended nor designed to be a lunch hour work out.  Think more of a stroll than speed walking.  The point of the walk is to allow for an opportunity for discussion of that week’s topic and to develop a connection through the shared experience.

Spirit walk  “Spirit On the Outside” will be Thursday, September 22th.  We’ll meet up at Lindley Park by the bridge at 12:10 and start the walk 12:15 – late arrivals are welcome to catch up and join us.  While we take a short walk around the lawn area we’ll be discussing how we can display our “spirit on the outside.”

Spiritual Focus Sunday

Spirit On The Outside

Yes, exactly, Spirit On The Outside.  We know when we feel the movement of Spirit within us.  They are normally some of our greatest moments of insight and clarity.  While I have no doubt, the same type of personality is present in all organized religious belief systems, the phrase “Sunday Morning Christians” comes to the fore.  However, to ensure we don’t single out one religion, we’ll be calling them Sunday Morners.  Whether it is synagogue, church, mosque or temple, if you don’t live what you feel on the inside, you won’t be honoring your path or your belief system.

Spirit on the outside means taking what you have learned in your religious services (or your own study) and incorporating it into a real thing in your life.  It takes time…we have to remind ourselves that there are things we need to change, we have to do the work of changing them, and then we have to look back and see what the changes created.

Wearing Spirit on the outside means lending a hand when you can see what is needed – if you never see a situation where someone needs a hand you frankly just aren’t looking enough!  Spirit is like a muscle – if you exercise it and work with it your connection gets stronger.  Wear your Spirit on the outside where others can see the best of you!

Tuesdays – Connecting In the Car

With the Labor Day holiday behind us, we start looking forward to the arriving Fall and the change in activities that brings for many of us.  Students young or old return to school, organizations and businesses that have scaled back for the summer months are now gearing back for full days again, and the mornings are beginning to have more than a little chill to them.

Growing up I can’t remember a time when my Mother wasn’t going, always going.  She drove us to the skating rink, the ski hill, the footballs games, bastketball games, friend’s houses, movie theater, and anywhere else it was too far to ride our bikes to go.  Mom always found a way to make the ride interactive.  Normally it was singing along with the radio or playing one of any number of riding in the car games such as alphabet signs, license plate geography, name that tune and so many more.  There are many fond memories of car rides.

Car rides are a great time for one-on-one connection!  Whether it’s your spouse, children, parents, or a friend, use the time in the car to deepen your relationship.   When our daughter was growing up the car was the perfect place to play the “what if” game.  The “what if” game was our way of hopefully preparing her for situations when we wouldn’t be there to protect her.  It must have helped somewhere because she’s good in a pinch and can hold her own in an emergency.  It may take effort to come up with scenarios to talk about with your child, but it really isn’t that difficult.

Of course there are the obvious situations.  First, the “what if” needs to be age appropriate.  If you child is young – start with the basics, don’t talk to strangers, don’t take gifts from people you don’t know, how do you share, etc.  If you’ve got a pre-teen, the questions need to dig deeper.  The whole point is to get your child to think – and express their thoughts to you.  The interaction can make for a much stronger parent/child relationship – and may just help give your child tools to work with when you aren’t around.

Don’t forget to use this time wisely with adults in your life as well.  Some great conversation starters to learn more about someone are the “dreaming” questions.  Things like:  If you could eat at any restaurant in the world, where would it be?  What would you eat?  If you could design the perfect (insert whatever here), what would it be?  If money was no object what would you want for a house?  If you could spend a week anywhere you wanted where would it be?  Interact with each other in the car or truck.  Talk about dreams and schemes.  It’s not only fun, but you’ll find it helps to deepen that feeling of togetherness and bonding.

This week is also a good week to set the family schedule.  Just as counselors recommend that couples schedule and conduct “date nights” to help keep the relationship strong, the family needs the same type of attention.  Schedule a game night or family night.  Set aside the time for a family dinner followed by an interactive family activity.  Take a bike ride together.  Dust off the board games and play a game together.  Get a deck of cards and play a game of cards.  Whatever the activity make sure it involves everyone.  (By the way…game night, like date night, needs to have rules:  no telephone calls during game night; no getting out of game night because homework isn’t done – they can get up early in the morning and finish it; parents need to be as diligent.  But before the family calendar becomes nearly unreadable from all the entries – fill up a night a week to dedicate to … being a family together.

Farmer’s Market – Bozeman

We’ll be at the Bogert Park Farmer’s Market in Bozeman (off S. Church) next Tuesday.  We’ll be selling candles, handing out informational brochures, and Madame Rue will be there doing readings and setting appointments for more in-depth readings!  We hope to see the new friends we met last week and make even more new connections.  Come see us at the Market!  Booth Number 67!

Tarot Thursdays – History and Belief

The High Priestess

The High Priestess

Tarot cards have been given many associations over the years. They were created by the Egyptians.  NO!  It was the Rom as they moved North in their travels!  NO!  It was the Golden Dawn Society. Wait! Wasn’t it the Hell Rake club of late Victorian nobility?

Actually, it was none of those.  Tarot began as a card game among the aristocracy of the European Continent, primarily Italy. It is believed that at one time the great houses of the time competed with each other to have the most beautiful deck created for their Houses.  The game was a card game of strategy and skill, played by numerous players and could provide a rainy afternoon’s entertainment at an Italian Villa!  The oldest known deck in existence, the Visconti-Sforza deck, dates back to the 1500s.

Today the Tarot isn’t used much to play the card game anymore as much as it is used in Cartomancy.  The Tarot has made several permutations over the years, but the archetypes they represent can call to all of us.  Used primarily as a self-introspection device, the Tarot can be an extremely instructive tool.  A caution here:  I do not recommend that you read for yourself on important matters.   It is extremely difficult to separate your emotions from the reading…and those emotions will change how you interpret the cards.  Most professional readers don’t read for themselves…personally, I just don’t do it.

The Tarot works under a simple system.  Cards are picked or placed in a certain order.  Where the card lands in the spread (or in the order drawn) gives that card a specific purpose.  The cards each have a variety of meanings.  The position of the card combined with its meaning is what gives the message in the reading.  What brings the real message is the interpretation done by the tarot reader.  Through years of study and experience, a good reader is able to fill in the blanks, see correlations that are not obvious, and help you to see through to a clarity of the situation or issue.

Jungian archtypes are present in Tarot.  While we may not want to admit it, we are more like one another than we are different.  There are many stages of life or basic life experiences that we all share to a certain degree.  This mutual experience across the lives of us all create a basic connection through that mutual sharing.  That connection is part of the energy we call have which is how many who work with energy are able do know without knowing and see without seeing.

There’s a wide variety of decks based on differing religious belief systems, angles, dragons, and even movies or fiction books.  On our website we use the Matt Myers Art Nouveau Tarot.  Thanks to US Games Systems Inc. for the use of the images – if you decide to purchase your own deck, we strongly recommend US Games Systems Inc. as your outlet if you want something new!  If used is okay with you, there’s almost always a deck on e-bay for a considerably reduced price.

Some say that you should never let another person touch your tarot deck.  Some instruct you to sleep with the deck under your pillow.   Some recommend cleansing your deck by waving it through smoke or the heat just about the flame of a candle.  Some say you must keep your tarot cards in a silk bag, preferably placed in a sacred box.  If you feel any of these would be helpful in your learning and connection with the Tarot, then by all means do so.  We all find our own path to how we feel about and use the Tarot.  What is most important to know about Tarot is that in and of itself it is not evil.  Have evil people used the tarot for their own ends? Absolutely.  But in and of themselves they are neither good nor bad.  Like most inanimate objects they just…are.  It is the reader behind the cards that imbues the reading with the energy.

Me?  I’ve got about 40 or 50 decks and have a list of others that I want to get.  People touch my cards all the time – when doing pubic shows the client always has the choice to pick his or her own card.  I encourage people to pick up the different decks, look a little closer, etc.  I’ve slept with them on the headboard of my bed but that was because it was a small trailer and that was the best/safest place for them.  Rather than “cleanse” the cards, I tend to “cleanse” the area with positive energy – I started doing that because a lot of public venues do not allow any type of flame or smoke.  My cards are normally kept somewhere easy to find and close to hand in the office.  They don’t live in a special box…they take up most of the inside of the drop-front secretary desk.

We’ll look at the individual cards, discussing each in depth – the meanings, symbology, and more here on Tarot Thursdays!  I hope you’ll join me on a tour through the tarot.