Odin, the Newest Rune

OdinTotal emptiness, or is it total possibilities? What does the blank rune say to you. This rune was added by rumenal in order to allow for the breath of chance from the universe when a spread is cast. When Odin appears in your spread you can be sure that the unknowable is at work even though you can’t see it.

What Odin’s rune means in a spread is often debated. Whether you feel it is telling you that there are endless possibilities before you, or you see it as the emptiness of nothingness, Odin’s message is strong.

Wyrd, the Blank Rune, is a message to look to the inner self. The blankness of this rune is actually a invitation to go deep within. For, the forces that are moving unseen in the background are forces you have put into effect. The forces represent the culmination of your life’s actions to that very moment. One of Wyrd’s messages is that the emptiness that is the blank slate at the beginning of our lives is filled by our own actions. These actions cumulate over time creating an energy flow that is carried with us as we move on our life’s path. It is on the small decisions we make moment by moment that we create our future. Wyrd is reminding you that life is a clean slate, ready to write your future on.

None of us is perfect, we all have our foibles and down-sides. It is how we allow them to affect our path to our goals that defines our intentions. When we are willing to go within and face the blank darkness — that part of ourselves we have denied and kept hidden, never allowing the light within. Odin commands us to let go and have faith…to step into the darkness with the realization that somehow our path will be illuminated so that we don’t fall.

Odin was the Norse God of Gods. Odin taught the oghram. Odin hung from the tree of knowledge and obtained the runes of knowledge. Odin in his capriciousness and changeability challenges you to reach the untold heights his rune represents. If you ignore the call to move forward into the blankness with hope and faith in your heart, you ignore the call to personal greatness. Not the greatness of fame and fortune (although it could be, but normally not so), but the greatness of one who knows themselves. The greatness of the dignity and grace that comes with self-wisdom are available, you just need reach for them.

Whether you call it fate, karma, just desserts, synchronicity, or just plain weird/wyrd, this Rune speaks untold volumes to those who are willing to peruse its depths. Emptiness is often equated to nothingness, but they are not the same thing. Wyrd as a rune represents the fertility of the emptiness which you can fill up with the bounty you create. Nothingness, however, leaves no room for growth because there is no fuel for that growth. Nothingness is just that…nothing. There is potential in emptiness.

When the Wyrd Rune (there are those that recognize the Norse associations to this day by referring to all matters of the paranormal as “the Wyrd and Wonderful”.) Just try doing an internet search for the word Wyrd!

Used more by rumenal than anyone else, Odin’s rune stands for the unknowable. Its representation is that which is not yet ready to be revealed. Odin’s rune can fill you with hope. Odin’s rune reminds you that your future is made from the actions of your life.

Odin was the strongest of the Gods. Odin was all. Odin was the All-Father! Odin, in his wisdom, did not completely chart the course of humankind. Like other pantheonic Gods Odin was not adverse into meddling in the affairs of men. The blank Rune can be indicating the unknowable effect of the Divine in the actions of the individual person or mankind as a race.

When Odin appears to you in the guise of the blank Rune he calls you to look within to achieve a higher understanding of yourself. The blank Rune is said to represent the highest possibilities of human endeavor. A modern cartoon show (Futurama) has an episode wherein a character is given the opportunity to “play god” and, as movies of the same theme show, he screws it up. He finally gets to talk to God and God tells him “If you do it right, they won’t know you’ve done anything at all.” This is the perfect application of the Odin Rune. Whether you believe in the power of a higher being or being(s) or not really doesn’t matter, the higher power believes in you and acts on your behalf whether you know it or not.

Accept Odin’s challenge. Delve deep into the depths of yourself. Hold yourself up to a personal mirror and look deep into the closed areas of your mind. Open yourself to the cleansing flow of energy from the higher power and the connectedness of all that is. (This is another interpretation of the blank rune.)

In observance of the fertility of emptiness, practitioners of runemal don’t assign alignments to this Rune as they do to others. Odin stands alone. When we go deep within ourselves, into the darkness of the depths of our soul, we travel there alone. To give any associations to Odin would be like trying to tie a string around the universe. Instead it is best to let Odin stand empty, ready to
be filled with the life you create from this point forth.

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Nauthiz, the Rune of Constraint

nauthizbNauthiz is a rune of challenge to the self. We each have our own dark little places, doors in our minds that we have closed and not allowed the contents of the mental room the benefit of fresh air and sunshine. Nauthiz shines a bright light into those rooms, granting the opportunity to dispense with that which binds us to our lesser self. Through Nauthiz we learn the realization that many times when we shut those doors there are issues left untended. When Nauthiz appears in your runes it is sure that you are going to be challenged on an intimate level.

Nauthiz gives the same challenge of the Oracle of Delphi: “Know Thyself.” Nauthiz cautions you to rethink your current plan. Nauthiz cautions you to look within yourself and to be honest about your capabilities before you set yourself up for a situation to allow failure to occur. It is difficult to accept the blessings of Nauthiz at times; but it truly is a blessing come to light.

Nauthiz warns that restraint is the best course of action. Charging in where angels fear to tread just might get your feathers singed! Nauthiz cautions you to think before acting. Do the research yourself. Don’t rely on the work of others because you truly are not in control or mayhap even aware of the depth or breadth of the situation at hand. Look inside yourself. Are you fooling yourself into a corner because you refuse to see the truth of a situation? Are your rose colored glasses getting in the way of reality – which is so much better when viewed with clarity and discernment.

This Rune is sometimes referred to as “the great teacher.” Nauthiz allows us the opportunity to truly look deep within, open up all those doors in the hallways of our minds, and let the healing light of sun, the freshness of the breezes of the air, and the honesty to our own self allow us to open the door wide to a better understanding of whom we truly are. Caution of over estimation of your abilities cannot be overstated. If Nauthiz has shown up in your spread, it may be telling you to wait until the complete lesson is learned before acting!

On the physical plane, Nauthiz reminds us to keep our word – to pay off old debts and restore our personal harmony with the universe. If complete healing cannot take place, at least steps in that direction are a long way on the road to happiness. If we can’t completely pay things off, make arrangements, focus on removing the debt from your life so you are open to receive the bounties the
universe provides.

Are you trying to push forward a project without doing the appropriate background work? Are you relying too heavily upon the efforts of others and not enough on yourself? Are you allowing the terrors of your past and of your mind to restrain you from achieving the heights you desire? All these questions point to how Nauthiz tells us to go within and “Know Thyself.”

Nauthiz – Constraint

Nauthiz is a member of Hagal’s Aett.
(Sometimes seen as Nauthis.)

Key Word(s): Constraint, need, necessity, pain, lessons, hardship and learning.

Element: The receptive polarity of female energy is the challenge of Nauthiz. Be receptive to that which you need to accept, let go of, or change.

Nauthiz is aligned with the Planet Saturn who hides secrets within its many rings.

Tarot Link: Nauthiz is linked with the Tarot card of The Devil. One of the more prominent symbolisms of this card is that one is chained by one’s feelings or belief. In the traditional depiction of the card there is a couple depicted as being chained to the devil, but the chains are loose enough to be removed. The couple remain “chained” because they do not see (or are unwilling) that they have the ability to unchain themselves.

Color: Black is the color most normally associated with Nauthiz. We have to enter into the blackness, into the deep well of the inner self to answer the challenge represented by this Rune and its association with the color black.

Polarity: Feminine energy is at work here. Nauthiz is asking you to be receptive to the knocking of the doors within your mind so that you will open them and set yourself free.

Healing Property: Nauthiz is considered to carry healing properties for issues relating to the arms.

Modern Letter Counterpart: Nauthiz, not surprising, is most closely associated with the modern letter N.

Special Runic Associations: Whenever Nauthiz appears in a casting it is wise to look at the surrounding runes in the cast for help in identifying the matter Nauthiz addresses. Nauthiz is the fifth rune in the Cycle of Initiation. Nauthiz is the lesson that without hurt we would not truly understand the importance of joy. Nauthiz speaks of personal constraint. Nauthiz tells us we cannot advance further in our cycle without accepting the pain of growth and change to provide the foundation for future joys to grow within our lives and minds.

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mannazbMannaz is considered to represent the Self. Normally when this Rune appears in your casting it indicates a time to go inside and search for your true essence. Mannaz asks you to go inside yourself to seek the true you within. It is through the self that we interact with others. Mannaz challenges us to look within ourselves and see if it is our actions that are creating the negative situations we find ourselves in.

Mannaz is a Rune of challenge because it challenges you, as did the Oracle of Delphi, to “Know Thyself.” Although this common reference is well remembered in today’s culture as associated with the ancient Oracle, there is another that is just as important. Under the words “Know Thyself” was the phrase “Nothing in Excess.” This is another warning of Mannaz. Be careful not to exceed the bounds of reasonableness whether it is with your emotions, diet, lifestyle, or the ones you love.

There is a hidden meaning in Mannaz. If you cut this Rune in half, you have the construction of the Rune Wunjo. Wonjo has long been representative of the human emotion of joy. Here Wunjo, who comprises Mannaz, helps to warn us that we have to pay attention to the self to achieve true joy, but at the same time we must be aware that by seeking too much personal joy we can block our own energy flows. Traveling to the beat of a different drummer is fine and each should think for themselves, however Mannaz reminds us to connect with the whole of the human race and our part in it.

Another aspect of Mannaz when it appears is that there is a period of personal growth and development at hand. You are being asked to go within to see if you are holding on to old ways of thinking or being that are no longer in sync with the essence of who you are as a person and individual. Mannaz may indicate challenges coming that will promote personal growth and forward momentum.

If Mannaz has appeared in your spread today you have to be willing to ask yourself a lot of questions. Something else to keep in mind when Mannaz appears – if you are in the process of making a major decision or dealing with a major issue in your life, seek professional advice to help get you through. The old adage of “the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client” is quite appropriate. Part of knowing yourself is to know your personal limits and capabilities and knowing when to reach out to the greater community of man to obtain professional advice when you need it.

Although one of the more ancient oracle devices, there have been many associations assigned to the Runes. The following associations and points may help you to more understand the meaning of this Rune.

Mannaz – The Self

Mannaz, as the self, something that takes some time to reach and achieve, even though it is always there.

Key Word(s): The keywords for the Mannaz Rune are “Human Being” which reminds us not only are we all individuals, but we are all members of a much larger whole – that of the race of human beings.

Element: The element of air, including higher thoughts and the greater self are aligned with Mannaz.

Zodiac Sign: Mannaz is aligned with the Zodiac Sign of the water-bearer, Aquarius.

Tarot Link: Mannaz is aligned with the Tarot Card of The Magician. The Magician represents the power of being able to make what you want happen. However, that power can only manifest itself once a true understanding of the self is achieved.

Polarity: Mannaz energy is receptive or feminine energy…it is through the incorporation of the inner self conjoining with the stimuli of our environment that creates who we are.

Healing Property: This Rune is believed to hold healing power over the feet or ankles (the body’s foundation when walking) and is said to be especially helpful with sprains, strains and pulled tendons.

Modern Letter Counterpart: Mannaz is most closely associated with the modern alphabetical letter “M.”

Special Rune Associations: Mannaz is the 9th rune in the Cycle of Initiation and brings the aspects of movement and progress to the Cycle.

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The Rune Laguz

laguzbLaguz is the flow of water. Water moves from the mountain rivulet to the brook, stream, to the lake, outflows to the creek, which passes to the river, and ultimately out to the oceans. Water flows, fluid, adjusting it’s course to the path of least resistance. Learning the meaning of “going with the flow” is what Laguz challenges you to do.

When riding white water rapids you are placed in one of the ultimate “go with the flow” positions. If you don’t read the water right and use the force of the flow of the water to your advantage, you can be lost in the waves. Capsized you flounder, gasping as the flow pushes you under. Remember you are the master of your craft. Your guidance on the prow or paddle is what directs your craft, your life, forward.

Laguz reminds us we need to connect with the energies around us and use their flow to our advantage. Just as the white water can spill you in your kayak, it can create the force to turn the miller’s wheels which ground the wheat. Water wheels are still used today to generate power. Water wheels are a perfect example of learning how to use the flow of the energies around you to your advantage. Take the analogy inside yourself. Where can you use the flow of the energy of the universe to help create the life you hope for.

Travel, normally to another continent, is indicated here. If Laguz shows up in your spread you can look forward to a physical journey, especially over water. But don’t forget the journey within, the flow of the personal self that Laguz calls you to undertake. Laguz challenges you to look around. Are you tied down to an anchor so that the ebb and flow of life move around you as if you were a rock upon the strand? Do you float endlessly upon the foam like so much flotsam, aimless, at the will of the flow? Either extreme displays a lack of control and improper use of energy flows. Rather than floating aimlessly like flotsam you should be charting your course, using the currents within the water to help speed you on your way. Use this same theory in your emotional
advancement and the happiness you create will be strong and solid.

Going with the flow also includes not going to fast. If you outstrip the current you are moving too fast, not seeing all that is about you. Your forceful intent for movement negates the flow of the river. Don’t negate the flow of the energy of the Universe in your life. Open yourself to the receptive energy of Laguz, allow yourself to open up to the flow of the universal energy. As we are all made up of stuff of the stars, the ebbs and flows of tides from the moon, the turn of the Milky Way across the night sky, the energy of the universe is there for all of us to use.

Some aspects of the hippy culture of the ‘60s weren’t all bad – “go with the flow” is one of them that really has merit!

Laguz – Flow

Laguz belongs to Tyr’s Aett.

Key Word(s): Flow, fluidity, lake, water, and sea.

Element: Laguz, asking you to go with the flow, is aligned with the element of water.

The Moon with its strong pull on the waters of the earth as is evidenced by our tides, is the planet most closely aligned with Laguz.

Tarot Link: In the Tarot Deck Laguz is best represented by the Star, the card of meditation, hope, faith and inspiration.

Color: The green of the waters is the color associated with Laguz. Sea-foam green, the deep green of still waters, the bright green of water (which is not flowing) with algae growing strong.

Polarity: To be receptive to go with the flow, one must use feminine energy, no matter what their gender.

Healing Property: With its association with liquid, Laguz is used in healing issues that deal with the kidneys.

Modern Letter Counterpart: Laguz is most closely associated with our modern letter L.

Special Runic Associations: Laguz is a member of the Emotional Healing and the Financial Help Runic Groupings.

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kanobKano is considered the Rune of Opening. Associated with light, Kano makes sure that nothing is left hidden in dark corners. Kano brings the light of the sun, the illumination of the bonfire in the darkness. Kano casts its light into the shadows and has opened new areas of life to you. Strongly associated with fire, Kano speaks about the fire within. The fires of passion whether it be artistic, romantic, or personal are sure to burn strong when Kano appears within your casting. Donald Trump personifies the idea of passion in the business sense. Whatever his newest project is, Mr. Trump approaches it with intensity and passion. One of the messages of Kano can be — are you listening to the whispers of the fires or your passion?

Ancient man used fire as a tool. Once the method was learned, fire could be produced. Fire provided warmth. Fire provided heat for cooking. Fire provided a focal point on the communal hearth for the passing of companionable silence, or for the discussions and reenactments of the hunt of the day. Fire is active, moving, burning, twisting, twirling; transmuting the fuel into another state. Fire in its controlled form is a blessing to man. Fire can sterilize, fire can purify, fire can cleanse, fire can keep the beasts of the night from coming to close. In all its aspects, fire burns. Kano tells us that we should open ourselves to our passions, but control them lest we be burnt.

Kano is opening. Kano is the ultimate in feminine energy. Kano is femininity itself, even in visual representation. When Kano appears in your spread you know that being open to possibilities and potentials is all you need to do. The opening, the chance, will be coming to you. You just need to apply your energy to create the flames of creation.

When Kano appears it is time to look around – a new person (or a partner in an existing relationship) may be bringing the fuels to fire your passions. Or, it could mean that you have reached a new “lighting” (or, if you will, “enlightenment”) and are ready to bring that light to shine in your love life. It most often is seen in a romantic context, but the fire of Kano can fuel other ventures that one feels passionate about as well. With an idea or project you are passionate about, practical application of effort – because you’ll have plenty of energy for something you’re passionate about — and the kind helpful energy of Kano, success is definitely indicated.

Many students of the Runes wear Kano for its well known protective qualities. Some modern students of the rumenal associate Kano with mathematics because the glyph for Kano is also the same for the “greater than” symbol when writing mathematic equations. This “greater than” philosophy can be applied to the Rune as well. Through the fires of passion and allowing light into the dark places of our lives we can become greater than we are now.

Kano – Opening

Kano (a.k.a Kaunaz) is a member of Freyr’s Aett.

Key Word(s): Keywords for Kano are Opening, Bonfire, Illumination, Torch, and Fire.

Element: Kano is the receptive energy of water. A child’s game of dropping marbles into a pan of water shows how receptive water is. The marbles plop to the bottom of the pan hardly changing speed. If enough marbles are added, the level of the water can be seen to rise. This is the open receptiveness of water and Kano.

Zodiac Sign: Kano is aligned with the Western Zodiac sign of the ram, Aries.

Tarot Link: In the Tarot Deck, Kano is aligned with The Chariot. With light to show you the way, it is easy to move in the right direction.

Color: Only flame red would do for the color aligned with the rune of passion! Kano and flame red have been linked through the ages.

Polarity: Female receptive energy is at work when Kano arrives in your cast.

Healing Property: Kano’s healing properties are best used when healing such ailments as abscesses, ulcers, cysts and boils and the fevers associated with them.

Modern Letter Counterpart: Kano is related to the phonetic “ka” sound, aligned with the letters C, K and Q.

Special Runic Associations: Kano, the rune of opening and receptive energy is found in both the Physical Healing and the Protection Runic Groupings.

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Jera, Rune of the Harvest

jerabJera is associated with the harvest; with the rewards of efforts diligently applied and purposefully acted. As the farmer prepares the soil; plants the seed, and waters, fertilizes, and cares for the growing plant he is building latent Jera energy that will spring forth for him in the fall at the Harvest. This is the energy of Jera.

Many forget that many of the northern European tribes were far more agriculture than war-like. The Vikings even had farmers who grew plants in plots for harvest for the general good. Farmers in many ancient cultures were held in high regard for they brought forth the bounty of the earth in a controlled and regular manner. In our modern age where we pop into a restaurant or head to the grocery store, we forget that the flour we buy had to be planted, tended, harvested, shelled, ground, and, in the case of white flour, bleached. Farmers were the providers of food; warriors were the providers of glory. Both very important in the Viking culture where one truly could not survive without the other.

Jera also talks about being receptive and open to the flow of life. If you have not received your harvest mayhap Jera is challenging you to look inside yourself. Did you do the appropriate work to make the harvest a possibility? Did you prepare the soil? Did you plant the seeds? Were you patient to wait for the seeds to grow to their full potential? Jera tells you to go within yourself to discover the true reason you can’t achieve the joy you want because Jera tells us that the joy lives within you.

Jera signifies happy and total completions. Ending and moving forward is a natural part of life. Whether the ending is a relationship, a thought process, a job, or attitude, with Jera the ending is one that will set you upon the right path for your new future.

Jera is aligned with the mighty oak tree. The oak has been held sacred by many tribal or earth based belief systems, believed to hold knowledge and wisdom in its ancient branches.

Jera is associated with the number twelve. If you are looking for a “time estimate” for the issue of the casting Jera gives you a factor of twelve. Twelve is the number of months in a year, so that is the first association that should be looked at for timing.

Another of the Runes that is right-side-up no matter which way it faces, Jera is not assigned a “reversed” meaning. Jera speaks of the true opportunities that we can now see from the new understanding of our self and how we interact with the world around us!

Jera – Harvest

Jera is a member of Hagal’s Aett.

Key Word(s): Harvest, bounty, fruitfulness, the annual twelve month cycle.

Element: Jera, so strongly aligned with harvest and the bounty of growth is aligned with the element of the earth from which the harvest comes forth.

Zodiac Sign: Jera is associated with the Sun Sign of Virgo.

Tarot Link: Jera is linked with the Tarot card The Fool. This association shows us the new beginnings that must be contemplated when Jera arrives. The Fool is ready to start his new journey – Jera is telling you to look ahead again because you have closed the old projects.

Color: Like many of the Runes Jera is equated with the color blue…the bright blue of the afternoon sky.

Polarity: Jera represents both male and female polarity. The earth is receptive, the seed is penetrating. As the earth feeds the seed the seed grows. Without the gentle receptive energy of the earth, the seed falters and dies; and, without the energy stored in the seed, the earth remains barren. Truly the harvest is a time when the application of both polarities is most aptly applied.

Healing Property: Appropriately, this rune is thought to hold special healing properties for those who have gastrointestinal problems. (It should be noted that the “harvest” was mainly concerned with the gathering of grains, vegetables and fruits; modern doctors recommend more fruits and vegetables and whole grain foods for those with gastric issues.)

Modern Letter Counterpart: Jera has an association with the letters G, J, and it’s strength is verified by it also holding an association with a vowel – Y.

Special Runic Associations: Jera is the Harvest rune and speaks not only of the harvest of crops, but also the harvest brought by personal efforts. Hence, this rune is one of the runes present in the Financial Help grouping.

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Animal Speak- the Fox

042002-SnowRedFox-LooksBackThrough his long association with man, fox has received an negative reputation. Although still thought beautiful, they have been maligned and called pest. England still reels with the political ramifications of the long held tradition of the fox hunt. It is the ultimate image of the English countryside: Lords in red jackets with velvet trim and white pants and spats riding amidst side-saddled Ladies in habits of autumn hues, riding to the hounds as they chase the wily fox to ground. What most don’t realize is that our association with fox goes back much further in our history and is much closer to use than we choose to accept. Both Iron Age and Neolithic Age excavations have shown fox’s importance to man by inclusion in sacrificial and/or burial pits.

Our fascination with the beauty of the fox is apparent in the modern vernacular. A woman who is “foxy” is attractive. Vixen is the name given to the female of the fox species; today when you call a woman a vixen you are indicating that she is of a sly an deceitful nature. From these associations it is easy to see the sexual and sensual importance of Fox as a Totem. Fox calls to your feminine energy, your receptive side. Open yourself to the joys she can bring.

KitFox_00To truly understand Fox as a Totem animal, you must study fox as who she really is. Fox is playful. She symbolizes shape shifting and invisibility. She is a master of the art of camouflage. Although most are familiar with the red fox, there are actually 21 species of fox throughout the world. Although there are a wide variety of species, many characteristics are common to the fox. Large ears with fur growth channeling sound into the ear; delicate long legs that look — almost but not quite – spindly; a sharp pointed snout; and a full bushy tail.

redfox_LoveNuzzleIndividual species have different fur patterns and colors. From a black so dark it almost shimmers iridescent in the sunlight to a white so pristine you can’t tell the arctic fox from the snow he stands on, the fox can appear in a wide range of colors. This is one of the strongest of Fox Totem’s attributes – That of camouflage. Fox can easily “hide in the bushes and watch” until it is time to seize the moment. Fox hides well. Fox can show you how to fade into the woodwork so that you can observe nearly unseen. Much knowledge can be garnered by quiet listening.

RedFox_Young-3PupsFox calls to the holders of its totem to reunite with the Oneness of all things. Through reuniting with the Oneness you can “will yourself away” and be able to achieve a state of “invisibility.” No, not like the Invisible Man, more like the arctic fox who lays in wait quietly upon the snow waiting for the lemming to reveal its movements beneath the snow through sound. Intent and unmoving the fox will wait for the sound of one of its favorite treats scurrying below the surface of the snow.

Some accuse Fox of being cruel and playing with its prey. Having watched an arctic fox as she pounced in the snow which covered an Alaska high alpine meadow, I can see why many think her hunting style a cruel game. The fox will hold itself completely still, using its ears to best advantage to hear the rustling of grass and leaves below the snow. Once she has located the sound of her prey she pounces. And Pounces, and pounces. Between pouncings she will hold herself so still that if she closes her eyes you can loose her in the white. Her delicate forepaw lifted as she watched the ground before her. She was not playing with her prey. She’s using that pointy snout to its best advantage by diving through the snow to snatch the prey running in tunnels in the snow at ground level. The continued pouncing was required to catch the scurrying lemming beneath the surface.

RedFox2-Snarls-InBush-CloseupBy changing the color of her fur with the seasons the Arctic Fox shows not only adaptability to the colder climates, she shows us we should be willing to accept change that is good for us. If Fox seems to be nagging at you, she may be telling you to look around and see who is watching you. Are you being observed too closely? Fox reminds us to see if we are pushing ourselves too much in the forefront – would it be better to fade back and wait for another time to make the leap?

With its long history of magic and cunning Fox is a power totem. Delicate in her body structure she has strength. Her strength is both that of body and mind. She knows how to find the stillness within to allow her to hide from her prey, but her predators as well. Around the world — from the richness of Persia where Fox was believed to help the deceased enter the afterworld to the heights of Peru where the Fox was a God. Apaches lore tells of how the fox stuck the tip of its tail into fire in order to bring fire to mankind.

Fox has long been associated with that which is the essence of the true wilderness: wildness at its most pristine, Mother Nature at her most cunning. The Fox lives among us even though we rarely see her. She has found a home in urban and suburban settings as well as the high cold wild places she represents. From the wilderness Fox brings us the knowledge of the wild places. She reminds us how to be silent and watch. She is emblematic to many of the loss of wild places where she was free to range and roam.

RedFox83-Jumping_on_snowFox energy speaks of fertility. Looking at the physical structure of the fur of Fox we learn much about energy and fertility. Fox has layers of fur. Short downier fur is covered by longer coarser fur to create a coat that is a great insulator and storehouse of warmth. Fox’s fur coat makes her seem much larger than she truly is. In some species the fur can be as much as three to four inches thick.

Fox Fur is thought by some archaeologists and anthropologist to be a symbol of royalty or special place within the tribe. On one of the many bog bodies that has been found, a fox fur armband is thought to point out his importance. The full bushy tail of the fox is thought to hold great magic. Called the brush, it is an important part of fox medicine. In the cold of the night Fox is warm because her tail covers her legs, nose and feet, giving protection and warmth. I have seen an arctic hair do this and literally disappear from site even as I watched her settle her tail into place. Remember that Fox tells us that watching and waiting may be better than rushing in.

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isabIsa…say it out loud. It sounds like you are saying “ice-a” or “i-sa,” either way you hear the world ice. Think of the properties of ice. First, it is water in it’s frozen state. Ice can cover mountains or cool the drinks in our glass. It is cold. When we touch it we want to pull back and withdraw because it is shockingly cold. Although ice moves as it changes and grows, it is normally at a relatively slow rate. But ice can move quickly, seemingly to zip across a table-top as it hydroplanes upon a sheen of water it creates for itself.

When Isa shows her cool face to you in your casting, be prepared to spend some time waiting. Isa talks about freezing the energies around her. Look to the other runes in your casting to clarification of where Isa is going to use her freezing gaze to put blocks in the way of your progress.

Don’t depend on others now is part of Isa’s message. She is warning you that although you have received promises, those promises may not be kept. You find yourself at the mercy of other’s whims when you rely on them, and it is best to focus on yourself at this time than fight against the tide. The standstill that Isa represents is just that, a stand still. It isn’t a quagmire of your own making. It is the bated breath, waiting for the flow of energy to move again so you can best ride the currents.

Isa allows clarity. Some say the purity of water can be tested in the clarity of the ice it creates. Some ice can be as clear as glass. Clear ice can even be shaped into lenses of various forms to create funhouse like appearances when you look through the ice lenses. Ice can be reflective, much like water, showing us the image we are projecting to the world. Maybe Isa is showing you that a time for personal review and introspection is at hand. You can’t make much forward progress without knowing where you’ve been, where you’re going and how you plan to get there. Isa gives you the opportunity to go within to see where you may need to reclarify something within yourself.

Isa talks about patience. Ice doesn’t move quickly, but the changes it creates are massive. Creating moraines thousands of feet high, deep channels and wide spans carved out between mountains to create valleys. Sediments, picked up and incorporated into the glacier as it moves slowly across the ground, are deposited as the ice melts. Ice can change the face of the earth, but it can take eons, even millennia, for it to do so.

Isa, with its association with ice and winter also tells us to prepare. It is time to go within to prepare in order to be ready for when the ice melts. Normally ice melts first as a drop, then a trickle that turns into a rivulette, to a brook and so on. As the ice melts, more is revealed and forward progress can be made.

Isa – Standstill

Isa belongs to the Aett of Hagal.

Key Word(s): Standstill, ice, freezing, and withdrawal are all keywords to remember when Isa enters into your casting.

Element: Isa is aligned with both the elements of earth and water. The New Moon (with its hidden potential) and Neptune are the celestial bodies associated with Isa.

Tarot Link: Isa with her withdrawn energy, folding in upon herself until only a single line is seen, is aligned with the Tarot card of The Hermit. Hermit’s are a special breed. In the modern vernacular the use has become somewhat of a misnomer, allowing “hermit” to represent anyone who does not want to live within modern society’s social constraints and interactions. At one time the Hermit was the representation of the ultimate spiritual seeker. (There’s a difference between a seeker and one who achieves.)

Color: Black, unknown, unfathomable, empty yet full is the color aligned with Isa.

Polarity: Isa doesn’t ask you to wait, she gives you no choice. Her alignment with feminine receptive energy should be kept in mind when she appears.

Healing Property: Isa is related to the effects of ice. Isa’s healing properties are most focused on the loss of feeling or sensation. (How many women/girls/men/boys out there have pierced their ears with a needle, some ice cubes and potatoes? Not a method I recommend — you use the ice to freeze the ear, ceasing the sensation in that area – but it is a good basic example of how ice is related to loss of feeling.)

Modern Letter Counterpart: Isa’s importance (and the importance of standing still every once in a while) is indicated by her alignment with the modern vowels of I and/or Y.

Special Runic Associations: Isa is said to strongly reinforce the meanings of the runes that fall near it in your casting. It is said that to meditate on Isa is to achieve the deep inner meditation allowing you to melt the ice that separates you from your inner, warmer self.

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Inguz, the Rune of Fertility

inguzbInguz energy is the limitless energy of the seed. Whether it is the seed of an idea, or the seed of planting, the energy held within the small kernel of a seed is boundless. It truly is from the tiny acorn that the mighty oak does grow. The longest journey is started with the first step. Inguz is the energy of beginnings and new births.

Inguz is another of those Runes that does not have a reversed connotation. He hits you right between the eyes. Inguz is epitomized by the phrase “life finds a way.” If you haven’t learned your lessons by now, this rune indicates that the lesson is soon upon you. Change is in the offing no matter what you do. Make your choice and set your course, but remember that it takes time for the energy of a seed to be released.

Inguz can be appearing to tell you that you need to make a change. Are you holding onto a relationship – romantic or otherwise – that you really should be letting go? Are you holding on to something that you should just let go of? Are you judging your successes or failures by another’s benchmark?

Inguz speaks of the creativity of masculine energy. It is masculine energy – the probing heat of the sun that causes the seed to split as the plant pokes forth to answer the call to growth. Inguz is asking you to do the same at some level. A forester knows that if there isn’t adequate space between the trees he plants the forest will choke itself not allowing for the maximum growth potential of the seedling. Allow yourself the space to grow. Accept the changes within you as you incorporate them in the outside of your world.

Men who receive this rune in their spread can expect the potential of a new birth in their blood line. Normally this birth is as close as having a child. The child may be a metaphor for a great idea ready to grow over time into full maturity and splendor. However, don’t expect an immediate compensation. The energy of Inguz takes time to develop and grow.

Inguz is said to be the doorway to the astral plane – that place where only the essence of the true self may travel. Inguz challenges you to accept the invitation to go within to be able to see without in a new perspective. Inguz speaks of the perspective of manhood. It talks to us of putting away the things of childhood and youth and accepting the mantle of responsibility of an adult. Inguz challenges us to look to ourselves to see if there is something there that needs to be changed. Is there a bad habit that could best be gotten rid of? Are you stuck in a rut when all you need do is take a sharp turn to the left or the right to obtain a new perspective, new energy and a new direction? Inguz
challenges you to stay your course while connecting with your self. Remember to have good times to keep balance. Inguz is favorable towards vacations and holidays.

Inguz – Fertility

Inguz is a member of Tyr’s Aett.

Key Word(s): Male fertility and energy. Male healing.

Element: Inguz carries the healing element of water. With water Inguz clears away the duff, allowing us the clarity to see from a new perspective.

Inguz is associated with the planet Venus, and, because of the astral connection it has a secondary association with the Moon.

Tarot Link: The Tarot Link to Inguz is the card of Judgment. Judgment calls us to accept responsibility for ourselves and our actions. The ultimate statement of adulthood.

Color: Yellow is the color associated with Inguz. It has actually only been a short period of time that yellow indicated a coward. Today we tie yellow ribbons around trees, doorknobs, and put yellow ribbon magnets on our cars to show our support in wanting all our fighting men and women to come home safely. Lance Armstrong’s stunning victory of beating testicular cancer and then winning an unprecedented seven cyclings through the Tour de France is emblematic of Inguz. To ancient man yellow was the color of the Sun, the color of gold, the color of the light of fire in the darkness.

Polarity: Inguz with the power of the seed carries both the male and female polarities. If both the essence of male and female energy are not held within the seed, there can be no life.

Healing Property: Problems associated with the male reproductive organs.

Modern Letter Counterpart: Inguz is associated with the modern consonants of N and G.

Special Runic Associations: Inguz is the sixth rune in the Cycle of Initiation. Inguz speaks of the fertility of new beginnings, of the power of the universe held in the answer of the seed responding to the warm rays of the sun.

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hagalazbHalgalz (also Hagalaz) is one of the challenging runes in the Elder Futhark. Halgalz represents disruption. Halgalz talks of the capriciousness of the universe. It is Halgalz’s influence that causes people to say “I had the rug pulled out from under me!” Halgalz represents the jolt that brings one to inner truth.

Halgalz speaks to us of our connection with the material world around us and the value we give it on our life. Halgalz is the rune that reminds us we are spiritual beings pursing a higher path while we submit to a human existence. Halgalz may be entering into your casting to tell you that a reevaluation of your relationship with the material goods in your life. Are you allowing yourself to become limited by that which you own, thus allowing it to own you?

Halgalz need not be painful, sometimes unexpected actions or activities are a good thing. The unexpected can hold miracles within itself as well. The unexpected can be a positive aspect. The unexpected need not be an earthquake or a tragedy. Disruption can be created in positive ways too. Sometimes we have become “rutted” in our lifestyle and need a good push to get out of the rut.

The positive powers of disruption can be seen through the relationship between the farmers of the Nile River Valley and the River itself. If the Nile doesn’t flood bringing new nutrients and soil to the fields, the land looses it’s ability to sustain life. The Egyptians of the Upper and Lower Nile River Valley during the age when Pharaoh wore the combined crowns of the Upper and Lower Kingdom depended on the annual flood of the Nile which was so critical to human survival. The flood was disruptive every year, even more so in the years when it did not spill over its banks, bringing the lifeblood of water and nutrients (in the rich Nile mud) to the fields.

Due to its relationship with the elemental forces of the climate, Halgalz is said to be the “weather rune.” Today we watch the local news channel to see our favorite meteorologist tell us of the weather that is coming ahead. We have satellites that circle the globe monitoring weather. Hurricane Katrina (a natural disaster of truly catastrophic proportions) watched for days, tracked, photographed, flown through, monitored and measured by every way humanly possible still destroyed an area the size of Great Britain. Mankind is at the mercy of the weather.

While our ancestors were much more weather wise and could read the storm’s approach in the color of the sky, the way animals bedded down, the way their fellow creatures prepared for the coming disruption. Halgalz speaks of unstoppable disruption whether it is in the microcosmos of the inner self, or the much wider scope of a global scale. Halgalz is a rune for meditation of those who work not only in the field of forecasting the weather, but also those who work or study any of the primal forces of nature, most especially water. Remember that no matter what state of the matter, precipitation is water … hail, snow, sleet, or rain, it is water flowing
from the sky.

Halgalz – Disruption

Hagalz is found among Hagal’s Aett.

Key Word(s): Hagalz’s keywords of Hail, disruption, sleet, constraint, elemental forces of power, and the damages Mother Nature can inflict upon the constructs of man.

Element: Water, in all its states. Whether glacial ice glowing blue on a cloudy day, or the vapor of steam emitting from a hot spring, water is the element associated with Hagalz. Studying the changeable qualities of water as it moves through its various states of solid, liquid or gas, gives greater insight into how the change of disruption can bring a positive result in our lives.

Hagalz is aligned with the long term planet Uranus. It’s existence not even proven until relative modern times (within the last few centuries), Uranus proved that after thousands of years of studying the night sky there was still much to learn. You can bet this caused some disruption in society!

Tarot Link: Hagalz is linked to the card named The World. The World indicates completion in a metaphorical sense. In a literal sense it stands for the physical planet we live upon.

Color: Blue in all its aspects, light and airy, almost green through the changes of the spectrum until it is nearly black due to its depth of color.

Polarity: Disruption happens to us. That is the nature of the beast. It’s unpredictable nature forces us to accept what disruption it places in our path. Hence we are receptive, feminine energy is Hagalz’s gift.

Healing Property: Healers would use this rune considerably during the work following a battle because Hagalz’s energy was best used on disruptions of the skin such as wounds, grazes and cuts.

Modern Letter Counterpart: Hagalz is most closely associated with our modern consonant H.

Special Runic Associations: Halgalz is the tenth rune in the Cycle of Initiation. It is through the recognition of the disruptive powers that exist, and acceptance of the elemental forces that are stronger than we can imagine, we begin to develop a mature understanding of our place in the universe.

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