assesmentOur Spiritual Growth Analysis reports are designed to assist you in finding out not only where you currently are on your spiritual path, but also indicates some of the challenges you will need to face along with some of the things you will need to develop in order to obtain the personal peace and enlightenment found in achieving your true personal spiritual growth potential. Young or old it is never too early or too late to continue your spiritual growth…it is a never ending learning process!

Spiritual Growth is important to all of us, both for us each as individuals, and for our species as a whole. However, admittedly, at times it can be the most difficult of endeavors for us to take on, especially if we don’t have some type of roadmap to guide us. We have designed our Spiritual Growth Analysis to do exactly that – help you determine your roadmap to finding your spiritual center. You can receive your report either by e-mail or a hard copy can be mailed to you.

Available in one of three formats, the Spiritual Growth Analysis will help you in connecting to your core-self, thus enabling you to make the wiser choices for yourself and those you care for by coming from a position of strength as you find your personal spiritual center. You can choose the format that you feel will have the best connection for you. If you are unsure as to which report to choose, feel free to ask for assistance.


Native American Totem Spiritual Growth Analysis

Designed to help you connect with your inner spiritual core and help you learn lessons that will help you move forward by pointing out animal totems that can help you find your way on your spiritual path. The analysis not only points out totem animals that can help you along this part of your journey, but it shows you how to start working with that totem animal’s energy! Informative and a great guide to help you maneuver through that delicate path of finding your spiritual growth, this report gives you what you need to do to be able to connect with your spiritual core – it’s designed with your spiritual growth in mind!

Native American Sptl Growth Analysis


A Celtic Cross Spiritual Analysis

This is another form of the Spiritual Growth Analysis. This report helps you find your way to your inner core of strength by helping you see the path to take to get you where you need to be. Based on the form of the ancient Christian Celtic Cross, your report will provide guidance and insight to help you more successfully find your spiritual center through positive growth and advancement. The analysis produces a report that will help you to see the mistakes you are making and what you can do to move forward from being stuck where you are. By giving you an indication of the energy around you along with touching on the core energies you are putting out as well, the Celtic Cross Spiritual Growth Analysis and help you chart your course to a stronger spiritual center and help to keep you on track as you walk your spiritual path.

Celtic Cross Sptl Growth Analysis


Runic Spiritual Analysis

This is a very powerful tool to help you get in touch with your inner self and the core of your true knowing. Based on the Nordic writing system, the Runes have been used by the Runemal (Rune Mistresses) for centuries to help seekers find their own spiritual truths through developing a strong foundation of connection with your own unique personal spiritual path. The analysis will give the seeker a good roadmap of how to find a more direct path to their spiritual center and how to maintain spiritual balance so that you can stay more closely connected to their spiritual center. You’ll find the report loaded with plenty of food for thought as you use the analysis to help you look deeper into your personal spiritual path. The Runes will help guide you through the process of identifying, challenging, working with/through, and succeeding in finding your true spiritual center.

Runic Sptl Growth Analysis