The Throat Chakra

throatWell, no big secret where this Chakra is located is there? Located at the back of the throat just behind the larynx, some refer to this location as the pharyngeal plexus.

In the Heart Chakra we learn that intellect can rule our baser emotions. The Throat Chakra shows us that there are emotions that transcend intellect. Joy, ecstasy, and bliss can all easily sweep intellect away and control us in the moment. The Throat Chakra reminds us that even though we think, balancing thinking with feeling is important.

The Throat Chakra is aligned with the color Blue. The association was explained in this way. The color blue is associated with depths (deep blue sea, deep blue sky, etc.). Without allowing ourselves to experience the depths (and heights) of joy, ecstasy and bliss, how can we achieve balance upon which the intellect can rest? Joy, ecstasy and bliss all speak of transcending the human condition. We find joy in our heart when we help our fellow man. Ecstasy in this context is not a drug (contrary to modern culture’s labels), it is a state of being. Bliss can only be achieved by knowing yourself. It is through knowledge of yourself that you are able to achieve a state of Bliss. The Throat Chaka is aligned with the planets of Venus and Neptune. The depths of water (Neptune) and the depths of emotions (Venus) meet in the throat to help incorporate the you.

When the Throat Chakra is out of alignment it is difficult to achieve states that are truly natural to us – joy, ecstasy and bliss. Many forget in the modern day world of paying bills, conference calls, cell phones, and scheduling kids for this and that, that the states of joy, ecstasy and bliss are always attainable. We just need to go within and find them.

Since it is located in the Throat, vocalizing can help you connect and realign this Chakra. Gestalt Therapy does have its merits! Now, you may not have the luxury of being able to go out in the middle of no where and yell your head off, but there are things you can do. Singing is a form of vocalizing. Chanting also is a vocal quality. The act of overt prayer (overt in the act that you are saying the words out loud rather than “thinking” them in your head) is another way to help align the Throat Chakra. If you feel out of touch, down, a little blue? Sometimes singing along with Billy Holiday (a truly inspired female blues singer) is just the ticket to work out the blockages to achieving bliss, joy or ecstasy.

Remember that there can be joy, ecstasy or bliss in even times of great pain and difficulty. Many times one of these three states of being are the primary release from a more difficult state. A worried mother searches for and finds her lost child. No one can deny the joy on her face at the reunion. As lovers combined in physical union a shared ecstasy is achieved. Bliss can be found in the watching of the mist through the trees, or the soft sound of a beloved’s sleeping breath.