Introduction to the Chakras

In the modern world there is a plethora of information on a wide variety of subjects. A visit to the New Age or self-help section at the local bookstore usually ends up in bewilderment at the number of offerings available. Don’t get bogged down by the details. Close your eyes, run your fingers along the back of the books and when your fingers tingle, that’s the book you should buy. That’s how I found my first book on Chakras.

Chakras have their roots in very ancient Eastern history. The word ‘charkra(s)’ comes from the Sanskrit word “chakrum” which means wheel. The original Sanskrit refer to the seven major chakras and their interrelation within the body and thought processes. There are those that are seeking to incorporate an eighth chakra, but here we will only be dealing with the original seven.

Chart of 7 ChakrasThe Chakras are believed to be centers of spiritual energy within the human body. Color coded for association and understanding, they have been a part of eastern spirituality for eons. Chakras are said to be the guideposts of our true inner self. Chakras are assigned colors which are related to either their location in the body or the energy centers they help to promote.

We will be studying each of the seven chakras individually in upcoming posts, so check back soon!