The Heart Chakra

heartThe Heart Chakra is often represented as sitting atop the sternum. Again, right area, but remember the spinal connection of the Chakras. (By the very statement of “chakra alignment” we are stating the obvious that many forget. Alignment literally means to bring into a line or proper perspective.)

Many believe that it is the Heart Chakra and it’s association with the color green that control emotions. This is a flavoring of our modern society with the heart and emotions. The Heart Chakra does not relate to the emotive part of our nature, the Heart Chakra relates to intelligence and higher thinking. Its association to the color green indicates the Heart Chakra’s willingness to accept the fertility of new ideas. When you need to be clear-headed and sharp for that business meeting (or family dinner), focusing on the Heart Chakra can help get you through.

It is no accident that the Heart Chakra represents the intellect. It is the center of the Chakras, located at what is considered the center of the body. It is through our intellect that we incorporate the input we receive. From the extremities of both the Root and Crown Chakras, up or down through the Chakral Alignment, our intellect incorporates the input we receive from our other Chakras to coalesce it into a message for us to interpret as the outer world around us. It is through the filter of our intellect that we perceive the world.

Here’s a way to use Heart Chakra energy. When a friend knows she’s got a bear of a day coming (she works in a law firm) she has what she calls her “smart suit.” At the beginning of each new fashion season she is out shopping and purchasing the smartest, sharpest green suit she can find. The night before she focuses and prepares mentally and physically by getting everything ready for the next day. She has everything ready, suit, heels, hose, you name it. Her presentation is packed and her notes are in the portfolio. Just before going to bed she reviews her list for the next day. Then, before going to sleep she places her hands on her breastbone and just focuses on the idea of knowledge, intelligence, and intellect. She consciously recognizes in her mind that fear is an emotion that she feels. Then she consciously states to herself that fear is an emotion and belonging to the Naval Chakra which is lower than the Heart Chakra. This intelligence of the Heart Chakra (knowing she is prepared for the next day) overrides the fear arising from her emotions located in the Solar Plexus or Naval Chakra. She says this helps her relax and get to sleep easier too! The point being is that she used the focus of her Heart Chakra, empowered herself with the wearing of a color she associates with that Chakra (green), and she prepares as best she can. Knowing she has prepared she can relax and rest her mind, clearing it of skittering thoughts so she can relax and sleep, being even better prepared for the challenge of the next day!