The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the highest of the Prime Seven Chakras we have discussed. The Crown Chakra, normally indicated in art as a violet lotuscrocus-detail flower sitting on the top of the head, the petals of the flower imitating a crown, is the Seventh Chakra. However, the actual location of the Crown Chakra is considered to be in the center of the brain (modern science puts that at the location of the Pineal Gland.) Remember again the nervous system alignment of the chakras. The Crown Chakra “crowns” the spinal column support system to which all other chakras are aligned.

The Crown Chakra speaks of the true power of personal intellect and wisdom. It is believed by starting at the base Chakra (the foundation) and working with the energy of each one in succession, advancing up the chain, one comes closer to achieving a state of personal clarity and knowledge. It is in the Crown Chakra that the best of us, both on a spiritual and on a physical level, can be found. Here is the higher intellect and the graces found in true patience and understanding. The wisdom of having assimilated the outer life one leads with their fellow man, and the inner life one leads on their spiritual path. It is the intelligence of understanding one’s place in the cosmos and having come to peace in that knowledge.

The Crown Chakra speaks much to the spiritual nature we hold within. Working with the Crown Chakra is working and incorporating all the data received from the other Chakras into a cohesive whole that helps you understand your life, your life’s path, and your future direction. However, many believe that one can never truly end the quest for the inner self because as soon as a sense of enlightenment through intelligence and trust to the higher power is achieved, one realizes that it is time to return to the Root and start again. For the Self within, connected to all that is, has achieved a new understanding, a new level of intelligence, a new aspect of the Self. With that achievement can come the fertility of new beginnings.

For those who have placed themselves on a spiritual quest, this Chakra is emblematic of the trinity of, life, death, and rebirth. Through the living of our lives we learn and grow, allowing old ways of being to die. We are reborn as we move forward into deeper levels of understanding that make us realize our best course is to yet become the student again. For those who work with the Crown Chakra they understand that it is the pursuit of knowledge of the self and connection with the Divine that truly gives rewards in both a temporal and secular nature. As we live this human existence we are constantly challenged with lessons, rewarded with joys, and intrigued by curiosities. At achieving the Crown Chakra one learns that by the achievement of the goal, new opportunities for intellectual advancement are afforded to us.