The Brow Chakra

crownProbably the most famous of all Chakras, yes, this is the legendary Third Eye. Many assume it is located high on the forehead (so that the third eye creates a triangle and is often depicted so in modern art). Actually the Third Eye is located lower, at a point between the eyebrows, behind the root of the nose, at the base of the brain. (Remember the alignment with the spinal column and nervous system throughout Chakra study!)

Although the location is difficult to depict on a picture (and hence is misplaced as being center of the forehead), the familiar associations with the Third Eye are much closer to the mark. Many associate the Third Eye with psychic powers or being intuitives. Others associate the Third Eye as the eye of prescience should we choose to look. While other cultures look at it as the resting place of the higher self in wisdom and intuition.

Many who are on a spiritual journey or quest speak about hoping to open the Third Eye. This is no small feat as it is believed that in order to open the Third Eye one must achieve the wisdom, intelligence and incorporation of other aspects of life. There are some who seek who never open the eye, realizing that the “eyelid” of the Third Eye is truly under the control of the individual. The true achievement of wisdom is when you realize that the only one that can keep you from working with your Brow Chakra is you.

There’s lots of ways to work with your Third Eye or Brow Chakra. Most recommend meditation of some type. Somehow, somewhere along the way modern culture created the mindset that meditation was sitting on a yoga rug in the lotus position with our backs perfectly straight, eyes closed, incense burning, while chanting. Well…that works for some people. Others find it somewhat disturbing. Remember that meditation is just the act of preparing for or participating in contemplative discourse normally of a religious nature. Simply put…thoughtful (contemplative) talking (discourse) about Spirit (religious nature).

A friend that works in the personnel field makes sure she connects with her Brow Chakra on days she is doing resume reviews. Before getting out of her car she takes a deep breath, releases it, and then breathes normally. She says with the breathing she focuses on a mental image of a third eye in her forehead. She makes a conscious statement to herself that she will be open and receptive to other information streams than standard sensory human communication. Then she says a quick prayer for guidance and into work she goes. She swears it really helps when wading through a whole stack of resumes. As she takes each new resume from the stack she takes 5 seconds to just close her eyes and hold the resume in her hand, being open to anything feelings or thoughts. No, it’s not the final decision maker, but it must work somehow, she’s been working in HR for 20 years!