Sleeping In Coffins For Luck?

No, I’m not kidding.  When I did my search this morning for the article I found this:

It’s an interesting article about how some people in Malaysia are sleeping in a sacred coffin in a temple to ward off bad luck and, as reported in the article, cure bad health.

The article is interesting if the action may seem a little strange.  However, the article reports that coffin sleeping is becoming more accepted for a variety of reasons in Asian countries.  While this sounds strange to us westerners, for them it is a practice that heals and helps.  One individual is reported to have said that the coffins heal their physical ailments.  While coffin sleeping sounds creepy to us, I’m sure there are things that we do that are strange to others.  While I’m not sure sleeping in a coffin is something I would try, if others feel it helps them – then why not.

How about you?  Would you sleep in a coffin if you felt doing so would make you feel better?




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