Manifestation Mondays

Manifestation Mondays

Are you laying the groundwork?

        When we look at someone who has achieved great success many of us are jealous, wishing we could share in the same level of great success.  We watch, somewhat disgruntedly as the person achieves their reward.  We grumble at the ceremony acknowledging their success.  We wonder – what have they got that I don’t have?  Why can’t I make that happen for me?

        Much of manifestation is more than just hoping. Those that hope with extreme purpose may be able to pull off something great every once in a while, but me, I’d rather put my money on the person who does the groundwork to make their manifestation happen.   What is the groundwork you are laying for manifestation in your corner of the world?  What things to you put into place that will pay off for you later?

     Next week we’ll look at specifics in manifestation…how to lay that groundwork for you!

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