Manifestation – Enjoy What You Have Created

We’re back to Manifestation Mondays!

Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely, fun-filled, and enjoyable Labor Day.  Today is a day when we are supposed to kick back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our labors.  But how many of us while we’re eating hot dogs and wiping mustard off our favorite jeans will be reflecting about the work we had put in to making that moment happen.

It is easy to forget while we are working through the daily grind that the daily grind is part of what our personal manifestation is.  There is a big lesson about manifestation there.  Sure, life would be great if all we had to do to manifest something was to wrinkle our nose or scrunch our eyes.   Unfortunately, truth to say, it takes more than that.  In our world of instant gratification we sometimes forget that things work having may take time to achieve.

It’s Labor Day.  Pass the pickles and potato salad and smile to yourself.  This *is* what getting up every day and going to work, doing your job, coming home, cooking dinner, helping  kids with home work and then fall into bed – or whatever your version of it — is all for.  To be able to enjoy the blessings of being with family and/or friends, enjoying the day and basking in the glow of the love and caring of those around you.  Look around, there a good potential for a “golden moment.”

Your life is what you make it.  Will all of us get to live in the mansion on the hill?  Absolutely not.  Will many of us want to?  Totally!  What’s the difference?  Some call it karma, some call it good decisions, some call it being born with a silver spoon.  If the world was full of over-achievers, who would do the laundry?  And, what’s wrong with doing the laundry for a living?  In some ways we have lost track of the recognition and appreciation of a day of physical labor.

Those who have heated their home with wood all share a joke about how the wood heats you more than once…normally several times.  My parents heated a huge house in Alaska by wood … worked out to be able twenty-two cords of wood a year.  We’d build up a good sweat cutting and hauling it out of the woods, then it was cutting, splitting and stacking – each physical activity in an of itself.  We’d normally have a crew of us working so everyone was pitching in  –  even the children (Happy Birthday Daughter-o-Mine!!) were include in the chore– they could pick up the little sticks, keep track of the oilcan, carry (okay, sometimes drag) the axe, keep watch of time, we always found a way to include in the chore.  After the final load was in for the day we’d tromp into a house rich with the smell of chuck roast and potatoes that had been slow cooking in the oven all day.  Shedding the layers of warmth woodcutting in Alaska required us to wear we laughed and joked about the happenings of the day while feasting on the chuck roast to the glow of a kerosene lamp and happy faces around the table.

The warmth that causes a soft shared smile between those who have heated by wood is the secret warmth you feel inside at the memory of the family shared experience.  While it has been nearly a quarter century since those days, but the memory of them still keeps me warm.  Even now I can smell the bite of the scent of the trees as we cut them, the laughter as we joked and talked, they are memories far greater than gold and they do fill my heart with a nice warm glow.  That glow is a manifestation with a value far greater than any I could name.

So, pass a piece of that apple pie with whipped cream, watch the kids giggling at the end of the table and take a moment to thank yourself for the manifestations you have already created.  And, since it is a labor of a kind, commit to yourself to make sure that you do all that you can to manifest what you need.  Life is a process, not a single event.  Don’t forget to do your wood chopping and hauling – don’t forget that there are things of value in this life that have no price and can’t be bought because they are simply priceless.  While you do your thinking about manifestation remember it isn’t all about manifesting *things* — it’s about manifesting what you want out of life…that is your labor – just something to think about on Labor Day.

A special note to my daughter on her birthday:  You have no idea how proud I am of you.  I hope your birthday is the best ever – everything you want it to be and more.  Look at your hand and think of me.  No matter how physically far apart we are, I love you!!  Happy Birthday Punky Brewster Kid!




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