Manifestation and Prayer, it’s a start.

Manifestation. That’s a word that is thrown around a lot today. In today’s vernacular when we hear: “I’m trying to manifest that in my life” it normally relates to someone trying to attain something physical. We’ve heard it used when people were trying to buy a house, get a new apartment, a new car, a new job, etc. it is something they are attempting to obtain for themselves. While we have nothing against personal achievement and financial success, from our perspective, the best thing we can be trying to manifest in our lives is a strong spiritual center to be able to use as the foundation for all the other aspects of our lives.

Manifesting spiritual growth is not that difficult. We tend to mystify it so much at times that we forget that it is something that we can take an actual part in. Spiritual growth is something that is developed within us as we learn and grow while walking our life’s path. We believe that this is a very personal internal journey and one that takes more dedication to task that actual physical effort. For many this journey is laid out before them as they follow the dogma and theology of the religion of their parents or belief system they have found on their own. These individuals garner connection with their spiritual center by studying and practicing their faith to the best of their ability.

In our modern society it seems like today’s family runs 24/7. There are soccer games to go to, piano lessons, football practice, Mom works day shift, Dad works nights and there just isn’t a lot of time available to connect with their belief system. While there is a strong desire to be in church Sunday morning, synagogue on Saturday, mosque, or temple front row center it just isn’t practical within the construct of their lives. However, that doesn’t mean the family has to lose the connection that spiritual growth and development can bring. The simple act of sharing a family prayer can do much to not only help strengthen family relationships and ties, but it helps to build a solid platform for children to be able to grow spiritually through direct participation in the family prayer or ritual and helps them to develop their personal spiritual center.

Many prayers are written specifically so that smaller children can participate in saying them. “God is great, God is good. We thank you, God for this food. Amen.” This pre-meal prayer has a variety of forms from around the world. However, maybe because it was seen from a grandparent’s point of view, one of the most heartfelt and heartful prayers we have ever heard was from a little three year old boy, so small he had to sit on thick books stacked on the chair in order to be able to sit up to the table.

When the question of who wanted to say prayer came up, he raised his hand and bounced up and down in his seat wanting the honor to say Grace. Given the go ahead he promptly clasped his hands together and for a good ten to fifteen seconds you could see from his expressions that he was working very hard to come up with the appropriate thing to say. He was scrunching his face, scrinching his eyebrows together and just thinking very very hard as only a three year old can do. Suddenly he sat bolt upright, back straight and face beaming like a beacon! Spreading his hands he said “prayer” with such loving tone and inflection that the one word truly was a prayer in and of itself.

Manifesting spiritual growth and development in our lives is a lifelong process – and many believe that the process of spiritual growth and development continues even after we die. For an easy way to help the family reconnect together as a family, a family prayer may be a good start. While the dinner meal may be the place and time for some families, for others it may be the children’s bedtimes, for some a family prayer in the morning is the best start for a new day. Whatever you believe, share that with your children. By sharing what you believe you not only experience spiritual growth to a stronger center, you will be helping the other members of your family come closer to their spiritual center thorough as well.

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