Fixin’ It Friday!

The PPPP Principle

The best way I can think of to fix things is to not let them get broke in the first place.  It sounds so simple, but it is a reality that is not as often visited as it should be.  Watching a youngster of 5 trying very hard to make sure his glass of milk gets all the way up on the counter can create some very amusing facial calisthenics.  But the calisthenics come from his having learned that if he doesn’t take the time to make sure the glass is on the counter, he could spill the glass.  He had learned that he needed to plan ahead and make sure the glass was on the counter rather than just taking a swing with the glass and running on.

In the Army I ran into a phrase, a little crude, but absolutely true and suitable:  Piss Poor Prior Planning On Your Part Does Not Necessarily Constitute an Emergency on Mine!  I had the giggles the rest of the day the first time I heard it.  That was nearly 35 years ago now and it is still as true today as it was when I heard my then NCOIC, Donna Morris, say it.  It will is a truism that we could all do well to remember.

Many mistakes and missteps are made because they are rushed through or adequate time is not allotted to complete the project.  Most of us adults know what our failings are in that regard.  When you begin a procrastination, the first letter of the word -P- should remind you of the PPPP Principle.  Make sure you plan enough time.  For any project or activity.  It makes it much more enjoyable – and usually far more successful.

This principle can also be well applied to our interactions with others.  Are we ensuring that we are giving the other person enough of our time?  Are we making sure that our kids are still a priority?  Is time taking us over, or do we control our time.




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